Document Management System

DMS is a cloud-based platform where Law and Financial institutions can track, store and manage their work-related documents. This paperless document management system has separate DMS modules for both Law and Financial companies. Even though the basic architecture of the system is the same, it includes highly customized options for both the industries. The integrated task management system of this DMS helps to track tasks such as collecting information, uploading documents, scheduling meetings in an effective manner. This platform is a highly secured platform where financial and law firms can access their critical information irrespective of time and location and thereby provides complete control over their documents.

Key Features

  • Centralized storage solution with the highest level of security.
  • Integrated task management system for tracking activities of users.
  • Google drive integration.
  • Instant information access.
  • Tree view for displaying and managing documents.
  • Multi Company, multi branch compatibility.
  • Integrated chat for instant messaging among users.
  • Email integration.




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